City day of Zagreb - 31th May

Updated: Jun 7


The Stone Gate is the only preserved part of the defense wall of the Upper Town of Gradec from the 13th century. On 31.05.1731., a large devastating fire broke out in the Upper Town, and nearly everything was burned, but an undamaged painting of Our Lady from the 16th century. The picture was found in the ashes on the first floor in The Stone Gate. Today Our Lady of Stone Gate in Croatian Majka Božja od Kamenitih Vrata is a patron of the city and the day of the fire is a City day. We believe this was kind of a miracle so we pay our respect to Out Lady. People came here to pray in silents and thank her for keeping us well or our family by lighting a candle. Traditionally, the City of Day of Zagreb is celebrated with a procession with candlelight and bearing the statue of Mother of God from the Cathedral, starting from Kaptol, through the city to the Stone Gate. My Apartment is located only 40m from the Stone Gate and many times I have the witness procession. But today we have a reason to celebrate twice. We have a new Mayor after 20 years so fingers cross and let's hope some changes will be made for our city.


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