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Bed of roses? I don't think so, achievement perhaps, but it didn’t happen over night at least not for me. After obtaining high school degree in Travel and hospitality I moved to England where I lived six years. I was only 18 and when you find yourself so far away from home you have to take life by the Horns, to survive, so I did and I ssucceeded. My career in hospitality began in the kitchen washing dishes and cleaning lettuce and just like Cinderella I worked my way up to the top, minus the prince, just hard work. Everything was a chalenge but I also had the time of my life and it made me a person I am today. When I couldn’t grow anymore, it was time to go home. After London nothing was good enough but soon I fell in love with Zagreb all over again. I worked in several corporations, graduated Tourism Management, and one day I got lucky and got a job in the biggest travel agency in Croatia in department of Quality Assurance and that was a door opening for me. But my life really took a new turn when I become a tour guide, the rest is history. Now I do what I love the most, so if you want a city tour of Zagreb, look at "See & Do", if you want me to manage your apartment "Contact me" and if you want to rent "Apartment with a View", well ... You know what to do. Me as your host will help you every step of the way. Not only I look forward to meeting each one of you, but I also cannot wait to show you around, because Zagreb must be seen through an eye of a local.                                         

                                                                                      See you soon! Zana                        

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