who is saint george?

The Apartment with a View being on the 2nd floor has a stunning view of the St. George statue, one of the best-known monuments in Zagreb.


So, Who is "St. George"? The Man, The Myth, The Legend?  Saint George is one of the most highly celebrated saints in history.  Since medieval times, the legend of Saint George killing the dragon symbolizes the victory of Christianity over paganism and the struggle between good and evil.

The Statue in front of our house is a rare masterpiece showing Saint George as a heroic knight after defeating dragon. Here St. George is paying respect and he is praying over his enemy. Saint George stands for the courage to face adversity in order to defend the innocent. 


With this idea in mind, we believe he is also protecting us looking from the above. 


it's not about the bricks...

Our building was once called Palace Dömöthorfy and it was built in 1814 by the famous Croatian architect Bartol Felbinger in classicism style.


It was the most modern building in what was then Zagreb, which made her unique.

At the beginning of 19th Century it was home to a deputy director of the First Croatian Savings Bank. In 1841 it was a home to the poet and journalist Ljudevit Gaj who was a founder of the Croatian National Revival which was a Cultural and Political movement that fought for the preservation of the Croatian interests in the Habsburg Monarchy.


He rented rooms on the second floor which means our apartment was his private quarters. Today, our building is Protected Monument of Culture Zero Category.